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Pages from my diary in December 2013

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Charlotte Free at Chanel Pre Fall 2014 | Dallas

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this makes me feel a type of sad ive never felt before


This photo won the “Pulitzer Prize” in 1994 by Kevin Carter. The picture shows a sick and hungry child crawling to the UN food camp located about half a mile away. The vulture is waiting for the kid to die so it can eat him. This was a very shocking picture and no one knows what became of the kid, not even Kevin Carter.
We often see such strong pictures and wonder why the photographer didn’t do anything to help. Kevin Carter got a lot hate for not helping the child and leaving as soon as he took the photograph. Three months after he received the Pulitzer Prize, he committed suicide because of depression.
I will never understand why he left the kid there and walked away. 

'In a society where all adventure has been destroyed, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.'

I think about this quote pretty often

Siena, Italy (by andyoafmcgarry)